Freelance Writer, ghostwriter, and virtual assistant


elevated content for your elevated brand

What I do

I write content for modern brands that are moving the world forward in positive ways. Pivotal societal shifts in ideology don’t always come easy, but what you do matters. Informing your audience about your pursuits in a positive, factual way builds trust and confidence in your product or service.

I specialize in Artificial Intelligence for the greater good, cybersecurity, eCommerce, and B2B tech.


Blog & Long-form Writing

I write well-researched blogs & long-form pieces that engage readers, build brand trust, and leads to sales.

Thought Leadership

I conduct interviews and transform them into thought leadership pieces that make the subject shine. 


You have the ideas–I have the words. Together, we can create content that gets your message across the way you intended.

Social Media Management

I create platform-specific social media posts that fit the tone of the medium. 

Backend Services

Too busy to post my pieces? No problem. I’m proficient in backend platforms like WordPress and would love to take that duty off your hands.


Virtual Assistant

As an “introverted extrovert,” I seamlessly transition between the nerdy stuff and the soft skills best suited for client-facing interactions

About Me

I was born and raised in Hillsboro, OR, “Silicon Forest,” and that is where I reside today.

Oregon provides a lifestyle of outdoors, city life, adventure, culture, and the best microbrews the country has to offer.

I’ve thought about leaving my hometown, but with the beauty the state has to offer and its forward-thinking way of life, I’ve got it made.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, though, y’all.

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